Friday, January 15, 2010

Removing 'visa on arrival' will affect Malaysia and Malaysians going abroad

It is that time of the year again for the Malaysian government to crackdown on undocumented migrants....and there will a crackdown..some deportation and then we will find employers group complaining about the lack of workers...and Malaysian government will again take in more migrants...

But, now they are 'stupidly' considering the removal of our visa on arrival.... Remember when they removed this for Indian nationals, India reciprocated by removing the same for Malaysians. How difficult it is for Malaysians intending to go to India...who will have to make trips(not one but at least 2) to busy KL to apply for and get visas to visit India. Now, they are thinking of doing it with regard to more stupid can they be?

The problem with Malaysian government is that they miss the point - and do funny things. The fact is that the majority of undocumented migrants enter not through the official entry points. And, as such the removal of that 'visa on arrival' will only affect the number of tourists coming from those countries..and increase difficulties for those coming to Malaysia for other legitimate purposes.

Historically, human persons have been migrating...and this does not stop at the borders which are really very artificial and 'fake'. Migration happens for a variety of reasons looking for a better job, wages, educational opportunities, etc... Even in Malaysia, people migrate away from their home to other places...Migration is a natural phenomena and it has always existed. So, why is the government trying to stop this...

Maybe, the solution is to ....what? Maybe just get employers to inform relevant authorities when they employ a new worker. That is what is being done when it comes to local workers...why not extend this to migrant workers as well.

In terms of students, many need to earn while they study... this is common. So, why don't the government also allow foreign students to work?

Cabinet panel to look into illegal workers


KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers will meet on Jan 19 to thrash out problems on illegal foreign workers in the country and so-called foreign students who have abused their student passes, the Home Ministry's secretary-general, Datuk Seri Mahmood Adam, said yesterday.
The committee, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, will look into loopholes that had been exploited by foreigners to overstay in the country or to carry out illegal activities, he told a discussion with senior media editors here.

Mahmood said the government was aware of the issues and would take a holistic and integrated approach to the problems, including tightening up the entry procedures.

For example, Mahmood said, the government would have to re-examine the visa-on-arrival programme, which was aimed at attracting more foreign tourists, as some had abused the privilege.

He also said that foreign students who were sponsored by their governments to study in Malaysia usually did not create problems.

"The problematic ones are usually those (from certain countries) who had come on their own to study at private colleges.

"These so-called foreign students are often detained for selling drugs and defrauding people, especially in counterfeit currencies," Mahmood said. -- Bernama - New Straits Times, 15/1/2010,Cabinet panel to look into illegal workers

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