Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 more Burmese migrants in detention have died

Well, we have been informed that 2 more Burmese migrants in detention have died of disease. But what disease? Was it again Leptospirosis.

One of the deceased was allegedly Aung Myo Lwin [Camp Body Number: 22157]., who died on 22/10/2009. Hospital did not say what disease he died from. He was buried on 29/10/2009.

The other deceased was allegedly buried on 28/10/2009.

The 2 detainees was allegedly from the Lengeng Detention Centre, and they were taken to the Seremban Hospital where they died.

Remember that 6 other Burmese recently died of Leptospirosis at the KLIA Depot Detention Centre. This was an AFP Report, which was reported in the Singapore Straits Times. See Joint Statement dated 25/9/2009 in earlier post,LEPTOSPIROSIS CAUSES DEATH OF ANOTHER 6 BURMESE IN DETENTION IN MALAYSIA DENIAL OF HEALTHCARE IS A VIOLATION OF RIGHT TO LIFE

Recall also that 2 other Burmese detainees died of Leptospirosis at the Juru Detention Centre. See Joint Statement dated 23/5/2009 , 126 groups:- Death of 2 Burmese Indicative of State of Detention Places in Malaysia - Denial of Healthcare Is a Violation of Right to Life

We have a right to be informed of disease outbreaks and deaths in places of detention in Malaysia.

There is a need for permanent clinics manned by at least one doctor to be set up at all places of detention. There must be immediate access to heathcare, and continuous monitoring by the public health authority to ensure people in detention do not die by diseases, that most likely may have been avoided by ensuring cleanliness and adequate healthcare.