Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Biometric technology by Malaysian immigration: Stop wastes the money please!

What is Malaysian immigration is doing? Why the ASEAN government would like to follow? The whole idea is about the used to verify on the spot the authenticity of a foreign worker and curb the influx of illegal then do what arrest them, detain them and send them back home? So they will find the way back as they couldn’t at all survive in their country like Burma when they are no security and peace?
This should be the debate and we should be really informed about why in this recession of economic the immigration would like to implement the expensive technology? How much it costs for entire program? Who has the contract with ICT software and security company Multimedia Glory Sdn Bhd (MGSB) and how much immigration has to pay them? Where is the money come from? And what happening with the scandal of corruption in immigration department?
For US since September 11, 2001, there has been a great deal of interest in using biometrics for verification of identity and as the tool on the war on terror … so Malaysia and ASEAN want to follow. The reality is mostly of people from Mekong region, member of ASEAN they are illegal in their own country.. like Burma, Lao PDR and Cambodia ..Their rights to access to legal document like passport is not yet recognize and easy so how are we going to do that … arrest and curb everyone who do not have passport? So not having passport and identity should be stateless not the terror!! Shame on you! Shame on ASEAN for does nothing to improve Burma!
The government should consider whether biometric systems really work, whether they are sufficiently advanced to provide their capabilities, and their effectiveness and It should be noted that the technologies can be difficult to compare--especially their cost.
How will the system ensure accuracy? how will it be protected? Who will make sure that program administrators are responsible to privacy concerns? Can people remove themselves from a database voluntarily--in effect or if there is a choice, will people be informed of optional versus mandatory enrollment alternatives or they just mandatory use it over personnel data ?
Instead of spend the resources to use expensive technology immigration should spend their resources to verify and give the PR status to spouse of Malaysian to prove Malaysia is truly ASIA with caring and sharing community or improve the detention facility as they are outrage about how bad the condition is.. And don’t forget to work harder with ASEAN to bring down the Burmese regime.. Without dictator military people from Burma will not be influx to their neighboring country as refugee.

Tuesday November 4, 2008
Asean governments keen on KL’s method of tracking illegals

KUALA LUMPUR: Six Asean governments want to learn more about Malaysia’s biometric system of effectively tracking down illegal immigrants, Immigration enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamad said.
The Mobile Immigration Enforcement Sys–tem (MIES) is stored in a laptop that can to be used to verify on the spot the authenticity of a foreign worker and curb the influx of illegals.
“This is a technological breakthrough for Malaysia and six Asean countries have asked Malaysia to share the technology,” he said after briefing Asean Immigration officials here yesterday.
Ishak said a third of the 3.3 million foreign workers in the country were illegals who did not have any documentation, had false ones or had overstayed.
Award-winning ICT software and security company Multimedia Glory Sdn Bhd (MGSB) developed MIES to combat identity fraud and manage the influx of illegal visitors.
Its executive chairman Dr Lalitha Kaleedhass said MIES contained unique features that would effectively check the validity of foreign nationals working or residing in Malaysia.This biometric technology was recommended as the standard biometric implementation by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) to all its countries.

ttp://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/11/4/nation/2446256&sec=nationia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) to all its countries.

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