Monday, June 29, 2009

call for workers' rights for all domestic workers

You are right Deputy Human Resources Minister Senator Datuk Maznah Mazlan , local worker do not want to work as domestic worker because it is too low pay and the labour law is not protected even for the day off and other benefit .
The only way to go is Ministry of Human Resources should immediate Amend Employment Act to protect all domestic workers, to ensure that all rights and liabilities to be legislated such as one paid day off, right to living wages , Domestic Workers are protected against all forms of abuse and harassment including physical, verbal, sexual and mental abuse and harassment, prohibition on withholding migrant workers’ documents should be followed with punishment, both civil (monetary fine) and criminal consequences and other rights ( see
We call for workers' rights for all domestic workers... only when rights are protected and workers could exercise their rights through the mechanism in legal justice and society there will be no exploitation and abuses.

Published: Monday June 29, 2009 MYT 5:31:00 PM
Parliament: Msians not interest in working as maids

KUALA LUMPUR: Most Malaysians are not interested in working as domestic helpers as the pay is too low, said Deputy Human Resources Minister Senator Datuk Maznah Mazlan.
According to a study by the Ministry, 70% of employers were willing to pay only RM300 to RM500 a month for domestic help.
A total of 26.8% of employers were willing to pay between RM500 and RM700, while only 6.7% of them were willing to fork out more than RM700 a month.
The study was looking into the feasibility of a proposed training institution for local domestic helpers.
Mooted in 2007, the institution was suggested as a way to increase local participation in the profession to reduce dependence on foreign labour.
A total of 251,355 foreign domestic helpers are currently working in Malaysia, hailing from 14 countries, with 51.7% of them from Indonesia.
“In general, the study shows that there is no pressing need to establish such a training institution as of now,” said Maznah, who was replying to a question from Matulidi Jusoh (BN-Dungun).
However, she added that the Government would do a new study now that circumstances have changed, with Indonesia imposing a ban.
“We are carrying out discussions with employers’ and workers’ associations, non-governmental organisations and government agencies to get their views on the proposed institution,” she said.
In a supplementary question, Matulidi suggested that the Government consider establishing a minimum wage, fixed working hours, EPF and Perkeso perks to woo more Malaysians to work in the domestic labour sector.

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