Friday, January 10, 2014

Thai people, civil society and human rights defenders call on Cambodia to respect human rights.

On 10/1/2014 at 10.00am, about 100 people gathered in front of the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia in Bangkok to protest the injustice, violence and human rights violations happening to workers, farmers and persons in Cambodia. Amongst those that protested included activist from the 4 Regions Slum Network, Action Network for Migrants(ANM), Try-Arm Worker Social Enterprise Group, Workers Hub For Change(WH4C), Migration Working Group, Thai Labour Campaign, Unionist from Rangsit Area, 24 June Democracy Network, Human Rights Development Foundation, Turn Left, Thai Suzuki Union, Postal Workers Union of New Zealand, Thammasat Freedom for Democracy group ,ILAW, FOCUS, Social Institute Chulalongkorn University, Worker Community Development and Savings( Kor OR Chor ), Forum Asia, Freedom House, Protection International Thailand, Asia Pacific Women Law and Development(APWLD), Human Rights and Development Foundation, Mekong Migration Network(MMN), Clean Cloth Campaign(CCC),CARAM-ASIA ,GAATW and many other human rights 


The group said that they were shocked at the manner in which the Cambodian government has dealt with the legitimate protest of Cambodian garment workers from about 500 factories who are demanding an increase of minimum wages to USD160 per month from the current low amount of USD80 per month. The use of violence, the arresting of legitimate protestors and worse the killing of at least 4 persons was strongly condemned.

They urged the Cambodian government to respect the legitimate right for freedom of expression and assembly, and the right to strike. They urged the Cambodian government to immediately investigate arrest and prosecute all those police & security personnel who ordered and/or used violence, including those that caused the death of the 4 persons.

They urge the Cambodian government to immediately and unconditionally release all workers and protesters who were exercising their legitimate right to protest and strike. They also urged the Cambodian government to immediately account for the over 20 persons who are listed as missing. Many of these were allegedly last seen to have been arrested but are now said to be missing. They called on the Cambodian government must respect worker rights and human rights.

The groups brought with them a letter of protest addressed to Her Excellency Mrs. You Ay, Ambassador of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia to Thailand, which was first read out both in Thai and English. The 4 Regions Slum Network of Thailand further also extended their solidarity with the poor, working class and the people of Cambodia in this difficult time, whilst reiterating their condemnation of the Cambodian government in their use of force and violence.

The joint letter of protest was receive by one Mr Sopin SawatSok , for and on behalf of the Ambassador. Mr Sopin said that they will as soon as possible submit the letter and the expressed concerns of the protesters to the leadership in Phnom Penh. 

For more information please contact Pranom Somwong( Bee), Tel +66831887600 or
Credit photos from Four regions slum network

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